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MCAO sutures for rodent stroke models. Doccol provides MCAO sutures for inducing ischemic stroke models. Our monofilaments have been well recognized and preferably selected by stroke investigators for inducing ischemic stroke models. Our clients are top-ranked universities, highly prestigious research institutes, and world-leading pharmaceutical companies from all over the world. Using Doccol monofilaments for inducing MCAO models has been widely accepted as a necessary technical step and also a new standard for ensuring the highest quality of stroke modeling. MCAO sutures are available in nylon monofilament material USP size 3-0, 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 7-0, and 8-0; diameters of silicone-rubber coated part range from 0.15 mm to 0.58 mm; coating lengths are available from 1.5 mm to 10 mm. Using Doccol monofilaments for inducing MCAO models has been reported to be able to drastically decrease the within-group variation of stroke models, reducing the standard deviation (SD) to 5% of the mean value for infarction volume. For more information please read Doccol Made a Difference in Stroke Modeling. Doccol also provides sorted MCAO sutures of different diameters and coating lengths (SSK series) for surgeons to find out their optimal MCAO sutures. Please don't hesitate to contact Doccol if you need to customize your MCAO sutures.
Doccol  micro catheters are specially designed for routine access of rat and mouse arteries and veins for blood sampling, drug delivery and physiological monitoring.
Micro catheters for rats and mice.Doccol microcatheters were specially designed for improving the performance, quality and productivity in rodent blood sampling, drug delivery, small flow rate liquid transferring, and physiological monitoring, in which invasive vascular access is necessary. The following features make Doccol microcatheters superior to its competitors:
  • Doccol knows the frustration and pain in making and using “home-made” microcatheters, our microcatheters are permanently connected to an industrial standard Luer lock or stopcock, therefore, eliminated the transitional tubing and needle connection. Doccol microcatheters offer the convenience of direct use with in dustrial standard syringes with Luer fitting.
  • Dramatically reduced inner volume allows minimal disturbance of local blood flow dynamics.
  • Although the microcatheters are extremely fine, they offer excellent pushability; tubing OD covering a range from 0.081 mm to 0.838 mm with sufficient choices; these features make them suitable for the access of deep microvascularure.
  • Microcatheter tubings are available in several materials, such as polyimide, teflon, polyethylene, vinyl, and polyurethane.
  • These microcatheters are durable and can be repeatedly used.
MCAO Surgical Tools - autoclave box Essential micro surgical tools to help with your routine work on MCAO surgeryMCAO micro surgical tools. Doccol provides the following essential microsurgical tools to help with your routine work. These surgical tools were carefully-selected to meet the special operational needs in stroke modeling, and with the goal to bring you with maximal performance and productivity.

PID temperature controllersMaintenance of the surgical area temperature within an acceptable range is one of the important steps for achieving excellent consistency in stroke modeling. Doccol provides two types of PID temperature controlling systems, the AC-powered system and the DC-powered  system.  The AC-output PID temperature controller with suggested AC-powered heating pad provides an economical and efficient solution for common surgical procedures whilst the low voltage DC-output PID temperature controller with a low noise DC-powered heating plate meets the needs of accurate electrophysiological recordings. These temperature controlling methods can be used in both mice and rats with in vivo rectal probe feedback or for precision control of surgical environment temperature.WS1500EBPM - AC-output PID temperature controllerDC-output PID temperature controller WSD-30A


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